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Best Homeopathic Medicine for Low Blood Pressure + Symptoms

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Homeopathic medicines for low blood pressure:- 

Dear friends! Here I am telling some very effective homeopathic medicines for low blood pressure, from which even the most serious patients get cured. 

Homeopathic Medicine for Low B P
So let's know who are those medicines-

1. Conium 200:- 

In elderly people, weakness causes low blood pressure, dizziness, physical weakness, weakness in legs, trembling of limbs when the patient moves and changes sides. 
Take this medicine thrice a day.

2. Abies Nigra 200:- 

The patient's condition worsens after the meal. Lethargy, wretchedness, gasps, sleeplessness during the day, sleeplessness at night, tea and tobacco in the elderly, lack of appetite in the morning, intense hunger in the afternoon and night. 
Take this medicine twice daily.

3. Digitalis 30:- 

The pulse is very slow, lasts about 40 times in a minute, the pulse sometimes stops moving, then starts running, the patient gasps, continuous deep breathing, gasping with little exertion and the pulse is fast. 
Consume it three times daily.

4. Kalmia 30:- 

Pulse is slow, rapid movement or exertion increases heartbeat and nervousness, gasping, the patient is troubled by gout diseases like arthritis or pain in knees, etc., pain in hands and feet that moves from top to bottom like a bullet. Bending forward But the heartbeat increases. 
Take this medicine thrice a day.

5. Gelsemium 200 - 

It also works in low blood pressure. The patient feels that if he does not move, the heartbeat will stop. The pulse is slow but accelerates with the slightest heartbeat. Illness from fear and bad news. 

6. Calcarea Phos 6X:-

Fast-growing children, powerless, tired, and obese persons who are suffering from low blood pressure.
Take 5 - 5 tablets of this medicine thrice a day.

7. Radium Brom 12X, 30:- 

Pain and restlessness all over the body, relief from walking, heaviness in the back and top of the head, reduction in pain when lying down, extreme weakness, rest in the open air, stomach always feeling empty. 
Always consume 3 times daily. 

8. Cactus 30:- 

Headache starts at the end of the meal, the cranial head remains heavy, the patient lies depressed and silent, the head feels clenched, the heart feels iron-clad, extreme difficulty in breathing starts happening.
Take this medicine three times a day. 

9. Avena Sativa Q:- 

Taking 10 -10 drops thrice a day gives strength to the brain and the disease of low blood pressure ends. 

10. Cratigus Q:-

It also works in low blood pressure, heart weakness, irregular pulse, slow pulse, intermittent. 
Take 10-15 drops of this medicine thrice a day.


These are some special medicines that act very fast and remove the disease from the root and cure it. 
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