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Causes and treatment of leucorrhea disease

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 The problem of leucorrhoea:-


It occurs several times, and 50 to 75 percent of all women are girls and women suffer from it to a greater or lesser extent. 

In some girls and women, it is just an annoyance, requiring frequent diaper changes, but in others, it causes severe weakness, back pain, erosion, itching and burning, and tension. It is very resistant to treatment especially in girls i.e. it recovers with difficulty during treatment.

The reason it is so resistant to treatment is that it is related to the vagina and uterus. The number of injections that women have done for their leucorrhoea, they only reach the vagina, they cannot enter the vagina and this is only by treating the cervical cavity, which can only be done through a doctor. So that there is some psychological hesitation, which can make it difficult to get to the root of the disease.

If any erosion or ulcer is seen, it can be touched directly with the required application. And this is the reason why leucorrhoea in girls is more difficult to treat.

Fear of rupture of the hymen for a thorough examination and local treatment, and leucorrhoea is allowed to proceed until chronic inflammation of the womb and inflammation in the fallopian tubes is established.

There is no doubt that many cases of infertility or childlessness in women are due to long-neglected leucorrhoea in boyhood.

Cause of Leucorrhoea:-

1.   The cause of leucorrhoea is cold or chills in any part of the female genital tract. 

2.   Always keeping feet wet and feeling cold can cause a cold in the cervix especially during menstruation. 

3.   Standing on one's own feet for a long time,

4 . lifting heavy bundles, 

5.  Dancing in overheated rooms and then going out in the cold night air wearing little clothes, 

6.  Prolonged insatiable sexual arousal, lack of cleanliness in the external genitals, 

All these are due to leucorrhoea.

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And the generally poor condition, anxiety, overwork, very hard study, lack of fresh air, all these favor the development of leucorrhoea.

Common Treatments for Leucorrhoea:-

Common treatments for leucorrhoea include simple hygienic measures and common sense.

1. The patient with leucorrhoea should not stand on his feet more than he can help, and should not walk until he is tired. It is better to take several short walks than to go hiking.

2. The corset that she wears should be of a modern type, it would be better not to press the womb and other abdominal organs too much, but to support the walls of the abdomen, but to elevate the abdominal organs.

3.  Lacing or buttoning should be from bottom to top, not top to bottom. That is, the freedom of breathing should not be interfered with in any way.

4.   If constipation occurs, it should be treated, and it should be treated intelligently with mild measures, and care should be taken that the intestines are not affected by any medicine or food.

5.  When leucorrhoea is caused or aggravated due to anemia and general weakness, then taking iron, or alfalfa tonic and taking symptomatic homeopathic medicines provides quick recovery without any side effects.

Home remedy for leucorrhoea:-

1. Grapes - In the case of white leucorrhoea and menstrual irregularities, the consumption of grapes is very beneficial as a tonic.

2. Gooseberry- Mix 20 grams of juice of gooseberry with honey and drink it continuously for 1 week, it cures white leucorrhoea.

3. Banana - After eating two bananas, drinking honey mixed with milk on top ends white leucorrhoea. Eat one banana with 8 grams of ghee twice in the morning and evening for 10 days. Eating kheer made of banana milk is also beneficial in white leucorrhoea.

4.  Tomato- Tomato consumption is also beneficial in leucorrhoea, it should be eaten raw as a salad.

5. Beet -     menstrual irregularities, white leucorrhoea, genital diseases, mix a quarter glass of carrot juice and a quarter glass of beetroot juice and give it twice a day. Many types of diseases related to women are cured by this.

6. Water chestnut - Leucorrhoea is cured by eating water chestnut flour pudding. 

7. Gram - After eating roasted grams and mixing sugar in them and drinking desi ghee mixed with milk on top, it stops leucorrhoea.

8. Lentil lentils -  Eating lentils is also beneficial in leucorrhoea.

9. Alum - In both white leucorrhoea or blood leucorrhoea, taking one-fourth spoon ground alum with water thrice a day is cured. Mix alum in water, wash the urine in the morning and evening or give atomizer. 

10. Cumin - After roasting cumin seeds and mixing sugar in them, eating it ends with white leucorrhoea and a lack of milk in the breast. 

11. Dry ginger - Boil  10 grams dry ginger powder in water and then after filtering it in CC, after drinking it for 3 weeks, all types are displayed. 

12. Basil -  Mixing sugar candy in the juice of basil leaves in the blood, cures blood leucorrhoea. Mixing an equal quantity of juice of basil leaves and honey, licking it in the morning and evening is beneficial. Mix cumin in basil juice and consume it with cow's milk.

Homeopathic medicine or treatment for Leucorrhoea:-

Borex 200 - 

 Excess leucorrhoea like albumin, fear of downward movement in almost all diseases, flatulence after meals, needle-like pain in the soles, pain with burning in toe, then the day of this medicine Leucorrhoea disease or leucorrhoea disease is cured by taking five-five tablets three times, along with other diseases are also cured.

Hydrastis C 200 -
 Its leucorrhoea is thick-yellow, cottony, sticky, accompanied by weakness and constipation, bitter taste in the mouth, inflammation of the breast and a lump in it, excessive sexual arousal, using this medicine three to four times a day can cure leucorrhoea. Along with this other diseases are also cured.

Natrum Mur 200 -
 Watery white leucorrhoea, pain in the back which is relieved by lying on a hard object, as well as the desire to eat salt or to eat more salt in food, then this medicine should be used.

Pulsatilla 200 - 
Thick, yellow-blue, non-sticky or non-sticky leucorrhoea, then this medicine should be used three to four times a day. Many diseases of women are cured by taking this medicine.

Chronic, indelible leucorrhoea, yellow leucorrhoea, often after menstruation so much that it flows down to the legs, the patient's habit of rushing in every work, hair fall and itching in the scalp, constipation, excessive weakness, itching from the heat of the bed If the skin is dry and cracked, then in all these symptoms, using this medicine three to four times a day cures leucorrhoea as well as other diseases. 

Sulpher 200 - 
 Chronic leucorrhoea of ​​different colors, emptiness in the stomach in the afternoon, having to go to the toilet immediately after getting up in the morning, then taking this medicine thrice a day or twice in the morning cures these symptoms.

Aeletris Farinosha Q - 
It is the best medicine for leucorrhoea. This medicine has proved to be very useful for weak and anemic girls. Drink it thrice a day by adding 20 drops to a cup of lukewarm water.

Conclusion -   

These are some of the specific causes of leucorrhoea in girls and women and general treatment and home remedies and homeopathic treatment prove to be very beneficial.

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