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Sinus Tachycardia: Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic treatment

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 Sinus Tachycardia: Increased heartbeat:-

Hello friends! You may have heard about heart disease, Tachycardia, or even faced this condition.  In this post, detailed information has been provided about the symptoms, causes, and homeopathic treatment of Tachycardia or rapid heartbeat.

Sinus Tachycardia

 Symptoms of Sinus Tachycardia:-

1. Rapid heartbeat or tachycardia or fast heartbeat In disease the heart beats fast, the pulse moves very fast and starts running 130 to 170  in 1 minute, but the patient does not know its speed.

2. Sometimes there is difficulty in breathing and pain in the heart also starts. If this condition is not very severe then it is not considered very harmful.

3. Sometimes it also happens that while walking the heart also puts on a spare jerk and its seizures keep happening from time to time. The color turns blue. In this, the pulse rate is fast and the blood pressure is low. 

Cause of Sinus Tachycardia:- 

1. Excessive drinking and consumption of intoxicants give rise to this disease.

2. By doing excessive mental exertion.

3. Excessive sexual intercourse and masturbation are also due to this because it surrounds the nervous weakness and this disease arises.

 4. This disease can also become due to the expansion of the heart.

5. Hysteria diseases are also caused by this disease. 

6. This disease also occurs due to goiter or thyroid disorder. 

7. Improper diet and irregular eating and irregular living habits give rise to this disease.

8. This disease also becomes due to excessive thirst, nervousness, anxiety, stress, etc.

Homeopathic treatment for Sinus Tachycardia:-

1. Aconite 30-     

Symptoms of pain in the left shoulder with heart diseases, impatience with rapid heartbeat, fainting, ringing in the fingers, pulse fast, hard, taut, pricking pain in the chest, accompanied by restlessness, nervousness and In fear of death, excessive thirst, and new diseases of the heart, five or five tablets of this medicine should be taken every three hours.

2. Agnus castus 30:-    

Rapid heartbeat due to excessive tobacco consumption in young men with weak nervous nature, if the symptoms of premature aging due to excessive sexuality are present, this medicine should be taken five to five tablets thrice a day. The disease gets cured.

3. Arnica M 30:-    

Due to excessive exertion and heart disease due to expansion of the heart, externally crushed and painful feeling, if symptoms of a needle-like prick in the heart are present, taking this medicine 4 times a day cures the disease.

 4. Belladonna 30:-    

Strong palpitations are felt frequently in the head, as well as difficulty in breathing, the heart rate increases even with light exertion if the pulse rate is fast and weak, then this medicine should be taken 4 times a day. The disease is cured by taking it.

5. Cactus 30:-   

Feeling of the heart being stuck in iron screws all the time, very fast heart rate, pulse fast, shaky, irregular, suffocating in the heart, severe pain, vertigo with pain, shortness of breath, gas in the stomach, low Blood pressure, palpitations increases when lying on the left side, in these symptoms, taking this medicine 4 times a day cures the disease.

6. Coffea 30:-    

Due to excessive joy or surprise or after pleasure, the heartbeat becomes fast and uncontrollable, fast pulse rate and excessive tension and in case of urinary obstruction, taking this medicine 4 times a day cure all diseases. 

7. Colchicum 30:-    

There is no palpitation, nervousness in the heart, the sound of the heart becomes weak, the tension of the pulse decreases, the smell of the kitchen causes vomiting.

8. Convaleria majus 30:- 

The pulse rate is very fast and irregular, feels that the heart is beating in the whole chest, the heart starts trembling at the slightest exertion, heart disease due to excessive consumption of tobacco, inability to breathe while lying down, If there is difficulty in breathing while walking, then this medicine should be used.

9. Cratigus Q:- 

The speed of the pulse is fast and irregular, weak, intermittent, there is a lot of difficulty in breathing after a little effort, but the speed of the woman does not increase much. This medicine is a tonic for the heart.

10. Ferrum Phos 12x:-    

High heart rate, rapid pulse, intermittent and gentle, in the initial stage of heart diseases, taking this medicine three times a day with five to five tablets with lukewarm water, the disease is cured. 

11. Glonoine 30:-    

Heart pulsation is felt all over the body and even to the tips of the fingers of the hand, due to any kind of exertion, the flow of blood towards the heart increases, and there are attacks of fainting, there is a flutter in the heart. If there is difficulty in breathing, then this medicine should be used.

12. Kalmia Lat 30:-   

Pulse fast, Impatience with palpitations in the heart, palpitations increase on bending forward, pressure from epigastric to heart and shortness of breath, heart action trembling, sharp, clearly visible, so severe pain arises in the heart That the patient is unable to even breathe, in all these symptoms, this medicine should be taken 4 times a day. 

13. Latrodectus mectans 6X:- 

The pulse is thin and intense, intense pain which spreads through the armpits to the fingers, the extremities become numb, convulsive pain from the thorax to the abdomen, there may be severe asphyxiation and the patient gasps.

14. Lilipigtig 30:-  

Rapid heartbeat, irregular and rapid pulse, pain in the heart region and feeling of burden on the chest, feeling full of heart, as if it would burst, pulsation all over the body, heartfelt tight in screws.

15. Natrum Mur 200:-    

Heart palpitations, palpitations shake the whole body, Feeling of shrinkage in heart, Patient likes salt in food fast, In case of heart flutter, use this medicine thrice a day. should.

16. Phosphorus 30:-   

Pulse is fast, slow, and tender, heat or burning is felt in the heart, palpitations increase on the left lying down and in case of extreme anxiety and impatience, this medicine should be taken thrice a day.

17. Pyrogenium 200:-    

Pulse unusually fast, very high in proportion to body temperature, the heart feels very full, can hear its heartbeat clearly, pain around left eardrum, tiredness in heart This medicine should be taken once-twice a day.

18. Rhus Tox 200:-   

Pulse fast, weak and irregular, intermittent, with numbness in the left arm, tremors and pulsations felt in the heart while sitting still, pain and restlessness in the body, increased pain with the first movement but continued movement. If problems start decreasing due to this, then this medicine should be used three to four times a day in this symptom.

19. Thea 30 - 

Pulse fast and irregular, intermittent, fluttering in heart, unable to lie on left side and heart rate increases, if heart disease has been caused by drinking more tea, then this medicine should be taken three to four times a day Take it should do.

20. Thyroidinum 200:-   

 Fast and weak pulse, as well as inability to lie down, rapid heartbeat, increased heartbeat even with less exertion, agitation around the chest, more desire to eat sweets, then this medicine should be taken during the day. Should be used twice or once.

Friends! These were some special homeopathic medicines for rapid heartbeat or tachycardia, which we have described above. By using them according to the symptoms, the disease gets completely removed.

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