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Sinus Bradycardia - Symptoms, Causes and Its Homeopathic Treatment

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Sinus Bradycardia or sluggishness of heart:-

Dear friends! Today in this post I will tell about the slowness of heart or heart retardation which is called Bradycardia in English, detailed description, causes, symptoms, and its homeopathic treatment.
Sinus Bradycardia
Heart retardation or Bradycardia or Sinus Bradycardia (severe heart failure) The slowing down of the heart itself is considered a serious disease. Most people die from this disease.

Symptoms of Bradycardia:-

In this disease, the heart rate becomes very slow. In sinus bradycardia, the heart pulse often reaches 35-40 times per minute and the ECG graph also becomes very irregular.
 Sinus bradycardia increases blood pressure, swelling in the legs, and shortness of breath due to lack of oxygen. 
 In some humans, the heart rate naturally slows down and there is no ill effect on its health, rather it has been seen that such humans live longer.

Causes of Sinus Bradycardia:-

The main reason for this disease is that- 

1. Persons who do more physical work in their youth or do more physical exertion and want to live a very comfortable life at the age of puberty or at the beginning of old age, they often suffer from this disease. or their heart becomes sluggish. Therefore, if you do more work or physical exertion in youth, then something should be done in old age also; Otherwise, you may have to face problems like Sinus Sinus Bradycardia or lethargy of heart. 

2.   Nutritional Deficiency, 

3.   Lack of electrolytes in the body,

4. The heart becomes dull due to excessive worry and excessive anger or the grief of the death or separation of a loved one. The main reason for this is always worrying and lying in bed worrying or sleeping throughout the day and not going anywhere for a walk etc.

5. Another major reason for slowing down of the heart or Sinus Bradycardia is that excessive use of antipyretic or anti-inflammatory or antipyretic drugs makes the heart sluggish. Therefore, the minimum use of anti-fever allopathic medicines should be taken. It is evidently seen that if allopathic medicines are taken in fever, then it reduces the speed of normal pulse from 72 to 65 or even 52. Therefore, you people should use very few allopathic anti-fever medicines.  

6. This disease arises due to damage to the muscles of the heart or due to weakness or after persistent fever and due to mixing of any kind of poison in the blood.

There are many such reasons which are responsible for bradycardia or slowing of the heart, but these are the main reasons.

Sinus Bradycardia: Homeopathic treatment of Bradycardia:- 

 1. Apocynum Cannabinum 200:- 

 Pulse rate slows down, irregular heartbeat, edema or swelling, and hydrocephalus occur, excessive thirst occurs during edema or swelling, then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease.

2. Cannabis Indica 30:-

 Pulse too slow. Pulsation that breaks sleep, spear-stinging pain in the heart, and suffocation. Then taking this medicine four times a day in these symptoms cures the disease.

3. Colchicum 30:-

The tension of the pulse decreases, the sound of the heart becomes weak. No heartbeat felt. If there is severe pain in the heart, suffocation, shortness of breath, nervousness,  then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease.

4. Digitalis 30:-

 Very slow pulse rate, 40 or less per minute. The slightest movement increases the heartbeat and there is a possibility of heart failure. The desire to take a deep breath continuously. Can't bear to speak. Then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease. 

5. Gelsemium 30:-

 Slow pulse, slow when sitting still, very fast when moving, weak and slow pulse in old age, considers himself necessary to be constantly moving, otherwise, there is a fear of stopping the heart ratethere is a lack of thirst,  then these In symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease.

6. Kalmia 30:-

 Weak and slow pulse. The palpitations increase on bending forward. With palpitations in the heartthere is also nervousness, rheumatic heart,  then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease.

7. Naja T 30:-

 Fear of heart palsy, body cold, pulse slow, weak, irregular shaking, pain in forehead and temples. There is the strain in the heart region, impatience, the burden is felt on the heart, shortness of breath cannot lie on the left side, then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease. 

 8. Tabacum 30:-

The pulse is weak, intermittent, non-verbal, runs unnaturally, slow pulse on lying on the left side, palpitations, nausea, giddiness, vomiting, ice-cold and sweating, painful and severe shrinkage of the chest,  then in these symptoms this medicine is used four times a day. The disease is cured by taking it.

9. Veratrum alb 30:-

Pulse irregular, weak. In debilitated persons with intermittent heart function and liver disease, agitation with palpitations, sweating on the forehead,  then in these symptoms, taking this medicine four times a day cures the disease.

Conclusion - 

By using these medicines according to the symptoms and by checking them from time to time and by consuming nutritious food, you can get rid of this dreadful disease; There is no doubt about it; And can get a long life.

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