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Pericarditis - Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic treatment

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 What is Pericarditis?

It is also called pericarditis. It is a fatal disease in itself which is considered to be the most dreadful disease.

The heart is covered from inside and out by a membrane called pericardium and this membrane is double .

The pericardium cavity is made up of the pericardium membrane, which is filled with a fluid that protects the heart from external shocks and prevents drying out of the heart. 

When this membrane becomes inflamed due to some reason then this disease arises.


Some of the special symptoms of this disease are given below-

1. In this the art or membrane covering the heart swells and fluid collects in the heart covering sac. As a result, the heart is unable to move freely.

2. In this disease, there is sweet and sweet pain in the heart and the woman starts walking fast.

3. When the disease becomes old, the heart cover gradually becomes thick and hard and the heart starts tightening due to which the heart cannot expand and the blood is not able to fill the heart completely, this condition is called narrowing of the heart cover.

4. Due to swelling in the heart membrane, the patient is not able to breathe properly and starts gasping and he also gets fever and shortness of breath.       

Cause of Cardiovascular Inflammation -

This swelling can be due to many reasons -

1. Injuries,

2. From gout,

3. From gout,

4. from typhoid,

5. Pneumonia to pleurisy,

6. Overuse of antipyretics,

7. Not working hard,

8. To work hard,

9. Heart disease becomes due to excessive semen loss,

10.  When diseases such as rheumatism, fever, etc. are suppressed by acute medicines, then a disease like a heart wrap usually arises, that is, swelling occurs in the heart.

Treatment of cardiomyopathy -

Home remedies for heart attack -

1. Pure honey is very beneficial for heart ulcers, increasing it little by little, taking 100 grams daily with lemon juice, it gets cured gradually.
2. In the severity of this disease, salt food should be given up and food should be taken before sunset .
3. If the patient is very weak, then he should eat fruits, which should contain grapes as needed. Pomegranate. Orange, lemon juice and many such fruits which are strength enhancers should be consumed.
4. Do not consume foods that increase acidity and consume more and more alkaline substances.

Also Read-

Pericardium homeopathic drugs:-

1. Arnica Mont 30,200,1M -

Due to injury in the heart region, due to any kind of trauma, there is pain in the heart region, there is a pain like squeezing or pricking the heart by holding the heart in the hand, the patient gets such fear at night. It is now death. It is the best medicine to bring life to the heart. Eat three times a day.

2. Aconite N 200 -

The sudden attack of pain in the heart, pain in the heart, difficulty in breathing and heaviness, drenched with sweat, nervousness, restlessness, and fear of death. All these troubles increase in the middle of the night, feel more thirsty, sit up straight and throw off the lips and hold the throat, the heart starts beating very fast, on climbing uphill, there is pain due to bullet in the heart. If the disease If it is not due to injury, first of all give this medicine on 5 - 5 minutes.

3. Bryonia 200 -

If the pain in the heart increases with movement, give it thrice a day.

4. Merc. sol 200 -

Use this medicine if secretion collects in the membrane enveloping the heart and there is also a slight fever.

5. Arsenic alb 200 -

The pain increases in the middle of the night or afternoon, remains extremely restless, cannot stay in one place, keeps on changing places and positions, feels thirsty in small amounts frequently, cannot tolerate cold, gives relief from heat. The heart starts beating on walking, the body starts trembling, there is a feeling of stiffness in the upper part of the heart, and there is severe pain, the pain reaches the back of the head in the neck, severe difficulty in breathing It occurs lying on the back, cannot breathe, fainting attacks occur, the patient sits leaning forward. Give this medicine 4 times a day, do not give it in the afternoon and midnight.


Dear friends! I have described the causes, symptoms and special, and accurate homeopathic medicine for the treatment of pericardiitis, a terrible disease of the heart.

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