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Nightmares meaning, Treatment

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 Nightmares (Spermatorrhoea), Introduction:-

The disease comes from disease-producing habits. Therefore, along with medicines, sick people also need education.

Nightmares meaning

Nightmares meaning:-

Due to the presence of foreign matter in the body, due to the disorder in the nervous system, involuntary ejaculation in the night with the feeling of cohabitation with a woman is called a dream defect or Spermatorrhoea.

Since sperms are produced in the testes by the effect of testosterone hormone and from there the sperms are released and stored in the scrotum.  

Sperm production is also accelerated by stimulating foods and activities that intensify the secretion of hormones. 

If the spermatozoa are already filled with sperm, the body's process of homeostasis (homeocystosis) expels the over-produced spermatozoa through the dreaming of spermatozoa. 

If there is no sleeplessness three to four times in a month, if it does not result in body pain and lethargy, then one should not worry, but if the problem is felt, it should be treated as a disease.

Cause of nightmares:-

1.    Sex-related thoughts in mind all the time

2.    Masturbation, anal sex 

3.    Abdominal Constipation

4.    thinking about girls while single 

5.    falling asleep immediately after having a meal 

6.    Worms in the stomach  

7.    Reading pornographic stories 

8.   Seeing and contemplating nude pictures of women

9.    Drinking warm milk before bed at night 

10.  Sleeping after eating eggs 

11.   Sleeping before bedtime by eating stimulating foods that increase the level of testosterone hormone.

Side-effects of nightmares:-

1. The beauty and beauty of the face go away.

2. Many small and big diseases take place in the body.

3.   The memory power of the brain becomes weak.

4. The eyes seem to be sunken inwards.

5. Vision becomes weak.

6. Constipation occurs.

7. There is a state of sitting empty, being lazy, and always being drowsy. 

8. Back and body pain.

9.   Semen becomes thin.

Home Remedies for Nightmares:-

1. Eliminate the reasons mentioned above.

2. Before sleeping at night, wash hands and feet up to the top with cold water and then wipe them to sleep.

3.   Take food 1:30 hours before bedtime.

4. Make a habit of being busy with particularly good work.

5. Stay away from obscenity and follow celibacy.

Homeopathic medicine for nightmares:-

1. Due to excessive masturbation, due to excessive weakness, if sleeplessness occurs, then take -   Staphesegria 200 five to five tablets twice a day.

2. Nightmares of all kinds. Effective medicine to cure-    Digitalis P 200 take five- five tablets twice a day.

3. Dyscoria 200 -     should be taken twice a day, five to five tablets, in case of two or three dreams in a night.

Answers to some important questions -

1. Neurobion forte tablet se keya swapandosh roka ja sakata ha?

Ans- No

2. Swapandosh me puja karna chahiye?

Ans - After taking bath.

3. Raat me swapn dosh hone ke baad puja kab se karein?

Ans -  After taking bath.

4. Name of the English medicine for nightmares?


5.  Kya swapandosh se depression hota hai? 

ANS.   yes!

6.  Kya ashwagandha aur shatavari se swapandosh thik hota hai?

Ans. May not be completely cured.

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