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Insomnia - Symptoms, causes and Homeopathy Treatment

Deep sleep: Introduction:-

Deep sleep is that sleep in which a living being rests completely and every part of the body gets complete rest and the energy expended is regained.

In the state of deep sleep, the rate of breathing slows down and the nerves start moving slowly and the amount of blood reaching the brain is reduced somewhat.

Sleep full of dreams is not called deep sleep.

Need for deep sleep:-

 A western scientist has a very good opinion about deep sleep - They can do most who sleep best. That is, "Those who sleep well, they can do a lot." 

The person or patient who gets good sound sleep, his diseases end very soon and the body remains healthy.

Deep sleep has many healing properties. This compensates the organs and nourishes the nerves.

Deep sleep strengthens the body, enhances the beauty, increases enthusiasm, and their Jaagni is illuminated and the appetite is open and the working capacity of the brain remains fine and the person is able to do the tasks.


Who can sleep soundly -

→ A person who has control over his mind and mind, he can sleep soundly with concentration anywhere and in any state.

→ The sleep of a healthy newborn baby is called deep sleep.

→ keep in mind! Waking up sleeping babies is not a good idea to feed. Therefore, they should be allowed to sleep till they sleep.
→ Students should get enough sleep but stay alert.

→ Some mindless students study awake all night and resort to such terrible measures to break their beloved sleep, seeing which the heart is terrifying Huh. As a result, of this, their eyes become weak and the light gets disturbed and the brain also becomes frustrated i.e. the reading does not go to the mind. 
So it should not be done. Sleep on time and study on time. 

How many hours of deep sleep should one sleep?

→ 3 hours of deep sleep is many times better than 8 hours of shallow and dreamy sleep. 
→ Generally, 6 to 8 hours of unbroken and sound sleep is enough for every person.
→ One should start sleeping from the second time of the night and wake up in the fourth time of the night in the Brahma muhurta at about 4 in the morning.
→ One should not sleep in vain during the day.
→ Older people, patients, obstetricians, and pregnant women should sleep a little more.
→ Sleeping more than necessary or not sleeping enough is an invitation to diseases. Therefore, instead of focusing on the need for more time to sleep, the focus should be on deep sleep.
→ Napoleon Bonaparte slept only 3 hours in 24 hours and remained healthy for the rest of his life as he went to bed and fell into a deep sleep within a moment.

→ Scientists and doctors after research presented a sleeping table to people of different ages, which is as follows - 

 Age                                 How many hours should sleep
1 week to 6 weeks baby-                         22 hours  
Children from 1 year to 2 years-           18 hours 
Children from 2 years to 3 years-         15 - 17 hours 
Children from 3 years to 4 years-         14 - 16 hours
Children from 4 years to 6 years-         13 - 15 hours
Children from 6 years to 9 years-         10 - 12 hours
9 yrs to 13-year-olds-        9 -10 hrs
13 to 15-year-old boys-     6 - 10 hours
Above 15 years-                  7 -8 hours  

What is Insomnia:- 

If human beings only work and do not sleep, then a situation will come such that both the body and the mind will become incapable of functioning and the person will go insane or die. 
Insomnia i.e. lack of sleep is a difficult and terrible painful disease, due to which a person becomes mad even after being disturbed.


Cause to insomnia:-

There are many reasons for insomnia, but some of the main reasons are as follows - 

1. Constipation 
2. Hemorrhage in the brain 
3. Headache and any painful disease 
4. Eating more or doing more brain work before bedtime 
5. Less or no physical exertion 
6. Sleeping in the New Location
7. Many people sleep in one room 
8. Excessive consumption of intoxicants or alcohol, tea, and coffee 
9. Sleep with your face covered 
10. Mental or nervous excitement and intense disturbance
11. Noisy Environment
12. Study exciting or interesting literature before bedtime
13. Self-indulgence or remorse for something
14. A-side effect or side effect of medicines used to treat a disease 
15. Growth and Business Concerns
16. Anxiety about the suffering or death of a loved one
17. Due to high blood pressure 
18. The problem of insomnia often arises due to excessive happiness etc.

Treatment of insomnia:- 

Never use any sleeping medicine or intoxicant to induce sleep.
1. First of all, efforts should be made to remove the reasons cause to which insomnia disease has arisen.
2. All worries should be dropped while sleeping. 
3. A fixed bedtime should be fixed.
4. To make the blood pure, one should eat simple and moral food.
5. Taking a bath and drinking warm water before sleeping helps in sleep.
6. A hardworking person never complains of insomnia. Therefore physical exertion must be done.
7. If the opportunity is not available for physical exertion, then regular exercise or swimming in water should be done for some time.
8. Food should be taken 2 hours before sleeping.
9. One should not sleep without eating food and drinking hot milk before sleeping.
10. The sleeping place should be clean, neat, and ventilated. 
11. The sleeping bed should not be too lumpy.
12. The position in which a person sleeps while sleeping, has a great effect on sleep. For good sleep, one should always sleep on the left side and in a straight line. 
13. If one presses the head lightly while sleeping, then sleep comes very quickly.
14. Young children fall asleep very quickly after listening to the lullabies sung by their parents.
15. Before sleeping, playing your favorite melodious song in a very soft voice makes you sleepy.
16. Anger, hatred, love, worry, fear, overeating, over-exertion, disease, tea, jaundice, coffee, intoxicants, spices, noise, and light in the sleeping room are all the enemies of good sleep. Hence they should be avoided.
17. One should not sleep during the day. In summer it is good to take a nap for 15-20 minutes a day, but sleeping too much is definitely harmful.

Homeopathic medicine to treat insomnia:-

 1. Pulsatilla 200 - If there is a complaint of insomnia in women, then take one dose of this medicine before sleeping.

2. Nux vomica 200 -  The complaint of insomnia in men usually goes away by taking one dose of this medicine one hour before bedtime.
3. Coffea cruda 200-  If there is only a complaint of insomnia disease, or if there is no sleep due to excessive pleasure, there is a sudden awakening during sleep and there is a complaint of sleep full of dreams, then taking this medicine twice a day is fine. it happens.

4. Ammonium carbonicum 200 - If there is no sleep, restlessness, and nervousness then it should be used.

5. Nux vomica 200 -  Mental stress, alcohol, and drug abuse, or sleeplessness in the evening, and breaks at 1 or 2 or 3 o'clock in the night before the end of sleep and does not come again, or Sleeplessness due to excessive reading and writing is cured by taking this medicine one hour before going to bed at night.

6. Alfalfa Q - Insomnia is cured by taking this medicine twice a day.

7. If there is no sleep due to any disease like headache or fever, then after getting relief from the treatment of that disease, sleep comes. 

8. Ferrum Phos 12X + Kali phos 12X + Natrum mur 12X + Magnesia Phos 12X + Kali mur 12X + Silicea 12X-   The problem of insomnia is cured by grinding these biochemical medicines in one and taking thrice a day with lukewarm water. 

9. Arsenic Alb 200 - Use due to insomnia anxiety and distraction.

10. Crataegus Q -   If insomnia is due to disorders of the arteries of the heart, then it is an infallible medicine to remove insomnia as well as to remove heart disease.

11. Calcarea carb 200 - Taking this medicine thrice a day leads to sound sleep. 
12. Aconite N 200 - If elderly people are not able to sleep, then taking this medicine twice a day helps them to get sound sleep. This medicine calms the nervous system and induces sleep.

13. Ignatia 30,200 - This medicine should be used if there is no sleep due to death or separation or any other misery.

14. Cocculus 200 -   If someone is not able to sleep due to any night function or night awakening, then taking this medicine gives sleep.

15. Sulphur 200. The patient who sleeps like a dog gets cured by this medicine.

16. Selenium 200 -  This medicine is used if it breaks at 2 or 3 o'clock before the completion of sleep and does not come again, and the patient's pain increases. If it does not help then it is called Lachesis 200. Medicine cures the disease.

17. Phosphorous 200 - The complaint of falling asleep after eating food during the day and not sleeping at night is cured by this medicine.

18. Tabacum 200 -   Due to the expansion of the heart, it proves to be very beneficial for the treatment of insomnia and diseases of the heart patient.

19. Cannabis Indica 200 - If there is sleepiness in the eyes but still there is no sleep, then it brings sleep and at the same time removes many diseases of the patient.

20. Get treatment from a good doctor and keep in touch with your family doctor.

Conclusion - 

Insomnia patients should take fruits, milk, and digestible and nutritious food. Remove all worries from your mind. 
If the disease is chronic, then take the medicine regularly with patience. In this disease, it is very important to control the senses. Thank You!

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