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Importance of yoga in the lives of youth

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 Definition  of Yoga :-


Yoga is that spiritual discipline, which emphasizes achieving the perfect harmony between body and mind.

Yoga directs our life towards the right definite direction and goal.

Yoga is not just exercise, but it provides a feeling of integration with oneself and with the world and with nature.

Yoga is such a type of Vidya which, among other benefits, develops inner qualities and skills and also increases the level of self-confidence.

Global Status of Yoga:- 

Yoga has become popular among people in today's modern lifestyle. Yoga has established its dominance in more than hundreds of countries by crossing the barriers of caste, religion, and nationality.

In the 69th meeting of the United Nations General Assembly on 27 September 2014, the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, through his speech, told about Yoga that,

 "Yoga is a priceless gift of our ancient tradition. It symbolizes the harmony of mind and body, of thought and action, of moderation and perfection, of a holistic approach to health and well-being between man and nature. Yoga is not just an exercise, but it is supposed to give a feeling of oneness with the body, the world, the nature. It helps us to deal with climate change by changing our lifestyle and creating a new consciousness. So come, let us all try to adopt International Yoga Day!

The Prime Minister of India, Shri Modi, stressed on the need to popularize yoga all over the world so that the United Nations with the support of about 177 countries declared June 21 as World Yoga Day. Therefore, now the whole world is celebrating World Yoga Day with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. 

The oldest position of yoga:-

 Yoga is the gift of ancient Indian scientists. The roots of Yoga are deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of India.  

Yoga was created and developed by Indian sages and sages, and the Yogasutra of Patanjali, the first systematic text related to yoga, is believed to be 400 years BC.
In this book, Maharishi Patanjali has told about Ashtanga YogaBy following Ashtanga yoga, both the physical and mental activities of a person are completed and better. 

Importance of yoga:-

1. Yoga has become famous all over the world due to its curative role in effectively overcoming many problems related to our lifestyle.

2. Due to technological advancement in the modern era, many diseases which are arising due to more comfortable living, those physical and mental diseases can be controlled through yoga.

3. Yoga therapy can be adopted along with any other therapy.

4. Yoga lays emphasis on all-around development of the individual in life which includes physical, mental, moral, social, emotional, and spiritual development of life.

5. Through yoga, the body's immunity is developed and a healthy body is obtained. 

6. Yoga is a spiritual science along with living a healthy life.

7. By taking its regular practice, there is a positive change in the behavior and attitude of the person and it helps in improving the relationship in the home and society.

8. Yoga has become popular due to the control and prevention of many serious diseases like insomnia, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases.

Importance of yoga in the life of youth:-

1. In today's modern lifestyle, youth due to a lot of pressure and stress and lack of time and due to lack of physical exertion, their life has become disorganized, such as waking up late at night, sleeping till late morning, breakfast and food on time. Due to not being able to do this, there is a lot of adverse effect on the body of the youth, as a result of which the youth are falling in the grip of many diseases. The complete treatment of all these is possible only through yoga.

2. Yoga is very important for youth because whether it is education or employment, today's youth are facing many challenges in their life, Yoga enables them to face these daily challenges.

3.  Yoga develops simultaneously the physical, mental, social, moral, emotional, spiritual aspects of the youth and in the end, the youth emerges as a complete personality and also increases concentration and patience, and becomes calm and serious.

4. The development of any country is done only by the youth of that country. If the youth of the country is healthy then the development of that country is possible and yoga plays an important role in keeping the youth healthy.

5. Today, the trend of suicide is increasing due to unrest and depression among the youth in the society, the main reason for this is a disordered lifestyle and mental stress, this can be avoided only through yoga

Therefore, yoga is a wonderful boon given by our ancient sages in modern life, which leads to progress and development.

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