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Hypertrophy of the Heart, Causes & Homeopathic Treatment

Symptoms of Hypertrophy of the heart -

In this disease the size of the heart increases. The size of the chambers of the heart also increases, due to this the heart is unable to conduct blood with full power, the work of the heart becomes irregular.


Cause of Hypertrophy of the heart -

1. This disease is also caused by using stimulant medicine to keep the heart strong.
2. Cause of excessive exercise, wrestling, and hard work, due to excessive running, sunlight, and irregular diet, this disease is caused.
3. Excessive drinking and smoking also cause diseases, those who do not rest after meals are always engaged in labor, they also get the disease.

 4. This disease occurs due to excessive labor in a short time, malnutrition also plays a role in it.

Homeopathic medicine for heart enlargement:- 

Arnica Mont 30 - 

Cause of hard work like wrestling etc., the heart increases, the pain rises from the left chest to the left arm,
The veins of the hand become blue and red in color, there is a prick like a needle in the hands. Take this medicine three times daily.

Aconite N 200-

In the event of the feeling of burden on the heart, increased heartbeat, dripping in the arteries of the throat and temples, as well as restlessness, fear of death, excessive thirst, fever, etc., give this medicine every hour till you recover.

Cactus Q, 200

The heart feels as if it is in a clutch of iron and the heart is unable to do its work. There is a constant desire to take deep breaths. The ribs also feel tied with rope, pain under the chest, there is a heavy constriction. The patient sometimes screams with pain, pulse pulsing in various organs. Take this medicine 3 times daily.

Belladonna 200-

The pulsation of the pulse is felt in the head. You have to work hard to breathe. The pulse is full. There is a lot of pulsation in the arteries of the neck. There is no sleep. There is vibration all over the body. The heart is enlarged. Take this medicine five times a day.

 Arsenic.iod.30 -

If the weakness of the heart is due to heart transmission or any other disease, then first give it.
If this does not help, then give Cactus Q 5 drops 3-4 times a day.

 Crataegus Q-

 To remove the weakness of the heart, keep giving it continuously for several days. This is the tonic of the heart. Give 5 drops 4 times daily. 

Fasiolus 30- 

The heart beats terribly, it seems that death will occur, taking this medicine every hour, the patient becomes healthy.

Baryta carb 30 -

 Heart disease occurs due to suppressed sweating of the feet, when lying on the left side, the heartbeat becomes rapid, blood pressure increases due to narrowing of the veins, palpitations are felt in the head, palpitations increase with movement, nervousness, slight exertion The patient gets tired and starts falling asleep. Take this medicine 3 times daily.

Moschus 30 - 

There are frequent fainting attacks and excessive nervous tremors and frequent fainting, weak pulse, pulsating heartbeat. This medicine should be taken thrice daily. 

Cactus Q - 

This medicine should be used when there is a feeling of tightness in the chest, a feeling of tightness in the heart screws. If there is weakness of the heart, low blood pressure due to hardness of the heart, then take this medicine thrice a day.

Strophanthus Q -

If there is weakness or weakness of the heart muscle, the heart is not able to function completely and there is a pain in it, it gives strength to the heart, accelerates the pulse, if the heart function remains weak, rapid, and irregular, then this medicine should be taken thrice a day. Consume.

Cimicifuga Racemosa 30 - 

If there is weakness and a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach, tremor in the heart region, pain under the breast on the left side, then in this condition this medicine should be taken thrice a day.

Spigelia 30 - 

The pain rises from the heart and goes to the left hand, the pain is like cutting with a knife, it is like Nalagarh, the heartbeats big, just by going and lying on the right side, then this medicine should be taken thrice a day.

Naja T 30 - 

The pain from the heart rises to the left arm, the hand becomes numb, fast palpitations, as well as needle-prick pain in the heart, pain in the forehead and temples, in this condition taking this medicine thrice a day, will cause heart disease forever. goes away.

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