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Hydrocele homeopathic medicine : बिना आपरेशन के हाइड्रोसील का इलाज

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 What is Hydrocele?

Hydrocele or oviduct is also called monocyte and hydroma. In the countryside, it is also called 'Fota growing'. The exact cause of this disease is not yet known. This disease has also been seen in newborn babies, but this disease occurs especially in middle age.


 Symptoms of Hydrocele - 

In this disease, water comes in one side of the egg or in both the eggs, due to which they swell and they start suffering. In this disease, water is produced inside the testicle sac, which progressively increases or increases, and in any patient, it also remains deposited or stopped. In some patients, by turning into a thick juice, gradually it also assumes the form of a hard tumor. 

When the testicles become very large and hard when the meat freezes in the testicles, then it is called corundum. Sometimes its weight reaches up to ahead.

Due to the accumulation of water in the testicle sac, this sac swells.

From Ekadashi to full moon, this disease increases then decreases. When the water gets too high, the bag becomes big like a watermelon. It is also operated by removing water from the canister.

Cause of hydrocele - 

The exact cause of this disease is not yet known.

The accumulation of water in the testicles as a result of an injury or due to being pressed while cycling or any other injury, or inflammation, stopped gonorrhea, or syphilis, etc., also become due to testicle enlargement or hydrocele.

Sometimes the disease is caused by the irritable air in the body reaching the joints of the testicles and thighs, stopping the movement of stool and urine, lifting heavy weights, walking a lot, breaking or taking limbs, or even having more sex.

This disease progresses slowly. As a result of this disease, all the nerves of the genitals become weak and loose, they become lax. 

The power of the brain decreases. Sometimes there is vomiting and vomiting, constipation occurs, and the patient becomes unable to do any kind of exertion and work.

Home remedies of Hydrocele-

The patient with hydrocele should first extend the fast. One should take simple and digestible food and lead a moderate life.

Compressing it alternately with cold and hot water for about 10 minutes in the evening is also beneficial in this disease very quickly.

This disease can be of two types - 

First  - Congenital   Hydrocele

Second - Causal  fundus Hydrocele

Homeopathic treatment for Congenital Hydrocele - 

Bryonia 30 - 

If there is a symptom of hydrocele at the time of birth, then this medicine should be given thrice a day.

Abrotanum 30 -  

Wikeness children if the patient thrice in the drug becomes Hydrocele day conditions, is completely cured

Homeopathic treatment for Caused Hydrocele -

1. If Hydrocele has happened due to injury, then the patient gets cured by taking the following three medicines - 

First medicine- Arnica Mont 200 - Take five tablets every morning at 6 am and then at 12 noon.

Second medicine- Belladonna 200 - Take five-five tablets at 8 in the morning and then at 2 in the evening.

Third medicine-  Spongia 200 -  Take five pills at 10 in the morning and then at 4 in the evening.

Difficult hydrocele is also cured by taking these three medicines alternately.

2. Bryonia 200 - 

Shooting pain in the scrotum,  feeling like pricking needle while sitting, then this medicine should be used four times a day.

3. Graphaitis 200 -

 If there is swelling in the scrotum along with eczema or fluid skin disease flowing anywhere on the body, then five tablets should be taken thrice a day.

4. Silicea 200 - 

If there is excessive sweating and itching in the genital area with water accumulation in the scrotum, sweating occurs on the head, the patient's body is lean and thin and he feels colder, then taking this medicine thrice a day, the patient will completely become healthy.

5. Rhus tox 200 -

  If there is an enlargement of the testicles or hydrocele due to cold weather or due to cold, along with pain in age, then taking this medicine three to four times five to five tablets in a day cures the disease.

6. Pulsatilla 200 - 

If symptoms of hydrocele are present on the left side and there is no pain with it but gradually increasing and swelling is happening, then by using this medicine three to four times a day, the patient becomes completely healthy. 

7. Natrum Mur 12X - 

Accumulation of water in the testicles and pain in them, excessive itching, enlargement of one side of the egg, testicular enlargement, or hydrocele due to syphilis, is beneficial in the growth of testicles or hydrocele in children with goiter that defects and the elderly.

8. Calcarea Phos 12X - 

Natrum Mur is not beneficial, then this medicine should be used. The use of this medicine is very beneficial in the hydrocele of weak patients. It should be taken five to five tablets thrice a day with lukewarm water.

9. Calcria flour 12X - 

Excessive swelling and hardening of the testicles, accompanied by swelling and pain, hydrocele due to injury. This medicine compresses the loose muscles of the testicles and stops watering. This period is alternated with Ferrum Fas for 3 - 3 hours after taking five tablets with lukewarm water, the disease is completely cured.

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We have described these homeopathic medicines symptomatically, which can cure hydrocele disease without operation.

If you still have any doubt, then you must tell by commenting, I will definitely tell the answer to your questions. Thank you!

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