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Heart Attack: Symptoms, Stroke Symptoms and Immediate treatment

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 Heart attack:-

As you must be aware that how deadly a heart attack is and when a heart attack situation arises, what should be done and what should not be done, very few people have knowledge about this.
Heart attack
Coronary artery (artery supplying blood to the heart) due to blockage of blood flow (Cause of narrowing or clotting of blood in it) In the condition of ischemic anemia and in the absence of oxygen, heart colic arises. If the coronary artery is completely blocked, the muscle fibers that receive blood from it die. This condition is called heart muscle thaw (myocardial infarction).
This condition of acute cardiac colic and circulatory failure (stopped blood circulation to the heart muscle) is called a heart attack. This myocardial infarction is usually more in the left ventricle. This causes sudden intense pain in the heart of the patient which spreads to the neck, shoulders, and arms.

Causes of the heart attack:-

Among the many cause, the following are the main causes of heart attack-
1. Ventricular fibrillation
2.  Arrhythmia   
In this, some muscles of the heart start beating or fluttering uncontrollably, which has no rhythm with the ventricular pulsation. Due to this, the heart is unable to perform its regular pumping function. Ventricular fibrillation is considered more serious because in this the ventricles are not able to pump blood completely into the arteries. Due to this, the supply of oxygen-rich blood decreases, due to which the body turns blue, faints envelops, soon the brain fibers start getting destroyed or death due to heart attack.
The main causes of fibrillation are - hardening of the arteries, rheumatic heart disease, and high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism and other infections of the thorax make this disease more complicated.
The heart beats abnormally due to colic, or due to a disturbance of isostaticity in the body, or due to excessive pressure of the fibrosis of the heart, or due to side effects of drugs, the pulse rhythm is not harmonized, and the pulse is too fast. She goes.
The heartbeat is generated by the ventricular muscle rather than the SA node or natural pacemaker. This condition is called cardiac arrhythmia (arrhythmia). In this, the muscles of the ventricles, the connective tissue of the heart begin to melt and collagen fibers begin to form in it, as a result of which the heart stops beating and the patient dies due to heart failure.
A heart attack is caused by a narrowing or clotting of blood in the arteries that carry blood to the walls and muscles of the heart, or a blood clot in the pulmonary artery. Due to a blood clot in the pulmonary artery, parts of the lung tissue die, and coronary edema occurs. The Mitral valve does not work properly. Narrowing of the mitral valve, rheumatic heart disease, perforation in the septum, etc. is also considered to be the causes of a heart attack.

Immediate treatment of heart attack:- 

At the time when the patient has a heart attack, the condition at that time is very dangerous and critical and at that time very special precautions and information are required. 
If the patient is treated wisely then the patient's life can be saved. This specific information is given below - 
1. If the patient has an acute vasodilator or heart stimulating tablet such as nitroglycerin tablet etc., it should be given to the patient immediately.
2. The patient should lie down in a secluded, ventilated, and quiet place with the head elevated.
3. No such work should be done in front of the patient, which causes mental arousal to the patient.
4. In case of a heart attack, cold water should be poured into the patient's chest area or heart region. But keep in mind that at that time the patient does not have the problem of cough and phlegm.
5. Heart attack In cough, the patient with cough problem, immediately bake the patient's chest or heart with warm water. There is no better treatment than this.
6. Efforts should be made to take the heart attack patient to the hospital immediately and the above therapy should be tried immediately before being taken to the hospital; Otherwise, the patient may die.
Dear friends! I have described the condition of heart attack and its prevention on the basis of facts told by experienced doctors. I am sure it will prove beneficial and informative for you.
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