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Benefits of doing Yoga ,योग करने के फायदे

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 Meaning of yoga:-

The word Yoga is derived from the symbol of "Union". In Sanskrit, yoga means "to join".

The real meaning of yoga here is not physical activity, it is the process of connecting the soul with physical activity. 
The spiritual power of a person can also be detected through yoga. The roots of yoga began in the first millennium BC. Slowly people started getting the benefits of doing yoga. Yoga also includes activities like pranayama, meditation, etc.

The word yoga is often an incomplete word. The full form of this word is "Ashtanga Yoga". 

Power of Yoga :-

The real meaning of yoga is the combination of both physical and mental activities to generate energy through yoga action and to reach that energy to the inner soul. The power of yoga can be known only by doing yoga.

Yoga helps us to make spiritual progress along with material progress. Also helps in improving social rules and our habits.


Parts of Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga:-

As the name suggests, it has eight limbs; which are given below - 
1. Yama [ यम ] -  (a combined form of non-violence, truth, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha)

2. Niyama [ नियम ]-  (combined form of purity, contentment, austerity, self-study and devotion to God)

3. Asana or Asana Siddhi 

4. Pranayama 

5. Withdrawal [ प्रत्याहार ]

6. Perception [ धारणा  ]

7. Meditation [ ध्यान  ]

8. Tomb [ समाधि ]

Let us know about the benefits of yoga.

Benefits of doing Yoga:-

1.    To get a better body image or good health: Focusing inward while doing yoga will help in achieving a better body composition.

2. Knowledge of Food -   You will get the knowledge to feel the benefits and harms of that food item that you eat.

3. Benefits to the heart -     Regularly doing yoga can help in lowering cholesterol and heart diseases are cured if they do not occur or occur.

4. Weight Control -     Yoga is the best practice to reduce body weight.

5. Overall fitness - Doing yoga exercises several times a week will help in maintaining overall fitness well.

Generally, the more yoga kriyas you do, the more benefits you get. Following are the other benefits of yoga -

6. Will help to calm your mind and train the body.

7.  Yoga is suitable for everyone and yoga does not require any special equipment.

8.  Better sleep helps in maintaining proper digestion

9.  Increases flexibility, muscle strength, and blood and blood flow in the body.

10.  Balanced metabolism, helps you focus and strengthens bones.

11.  Helps to remove foreign matter or impurities from the body.

Spiritual Benefits of Yoga:-

Law of net potential -

Knowing that gives us the ability to fulfill any of our dreams. When we are in harmony with nature, we develop a bond between our ambitions and the power of yoga helps to fulfill these desires.

Benefits of giving and receiving

The law of receiving is equivalent to the law of giving. In the universe, everything operates through dynamic exchange i.e. to take something from someone and give something to someone. We do not have the right to stop the flow of nature.

Benefits of Karma

If you can happily engage in any activity, that is karma. Try your best to fulfill your responsibility as far as possible. 

Minimum effort rule

You can most easily fulfill your desire when your actions are inspired by love, and when you contribute without any struggle and achieve achievement or goal with minimum effort. In this way, you gain authority over the infinite organizing capacity of the universe to reduce and achieve everything.

The Benefit of intention and desire -

This entire universe is a mixture of energy and information. They are both present everywhere. The quality of importance in every intention and desire is the means of its fulfillment.

Benefits of religion

If everyone in this world has any karma to do for the rest of his life, it is to follow his religion. By showing your unique talents and uniqueness to others, you will gain unlimited love, abundance, trust, and real fulfillment in your life which is only possible to achieve through yoga.

 Benefits of separation from the world

The law of dispassion states that in order to attain true happiness in the material universe, you must give up the connection with the material universe and move towards the attainment of salvation.

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