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Angina - Symptoms, Causes and Homeopathic Medicines for its treatment

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Angina pectoris (Heart colic or pain in the heart) -

Angina pectoris is a fatal disease related to the heart, which is an early sign of a heart attack. In the case of angina pectoris, a person may die suddenly due to a lack of immediate treatment.
Therefore, generally, everyone should be familiar with this disease.


Symptoms of Angina Pectoris -

1. The pain which occurs in the heart is called heart colic. In this, there is fear of sudden death and shortness of breath.

2. This heart colic usually comes suddenly or appears suddenly while doing some work. 

3. This pain occurs first in the heart, after that it spreads to different places of the chest and to the fingers of the left hand.

4. At the time of pain, the patient stops breathing, and the patient suffers intense pain.

5. The face of the patient becomes pale, the skin becomes cold and blue and the pulse slows down and there is a possibility of death every moment.

6. As the pain arises suddenly, in the same way, it suddenly goes away in some time, the pain usually does not last more than 2 to 3 minutes.

 7. Sometimes the pain lasts for a long time, in the beginning, this pain is lifted only by doing a little hard work. 

8. But when the disease progresses, the pain always arises anyway and if the treatment is not done soon, then the patient suddenly goes to the mouth of death one day.

Cause of angina pectoris (Heart colic) -

1. This disease is caused due to excessive mental exertion and repeated stimulation.

2.  This disease arises due to the narrowing of the arteries that send blood to the heart and due to the formation of a blood clot in those arteries and getting stuck. 

When blood flow to the coronary arteries that supply the heart becomes obstructed or a blood clot forms, the heart muscles do not get enough blood supply, causing the heart muscle to die due to lack of oxygen, or begins to perish and suddenly pain arises in the heart.

3. When the circulation of blood to the heart muscles stops or decreases, then the pain arises in the chest or heart of the patient, and the patient gets disturbed by the pain.

4. Mostly this disease occurs after 40 years and more men than women suffer from this disease. Heartache is considered to be a disease of mostly the people of the rich society. The disease is rarely seen within the working class.

5. Still, those who do not work hard at all, or those who work very hard and start working hard again without rest, also get the disease.

6. People who do not take rest after having a meal are always agitated or angry, overeating, drinking too much alcohol or smoking a lot, suffer from indigestion and gas, also they There is an outbreak of this disease.

7. Chronic gout, arthritis, syphilis, typhoid, and influenza also cause diseases.

8. This disease also arises due to toxic action or side effects of various medicines.

9. The disease of heart colic also arises due to excessive use of insulin in diabetes.

Homeopathic medicines for Angina pectoris:-

1. Lectrodactus 12X - 

This is a very useful medicine for heart colic. Pain attacks during the day, severe heartache, pain radiating down the armpits and down the arms to the fingers, accompanied by numbness in the extremities, spasm of the thoracic muscles, which spreads to the shoulders, and back This medicine dissolves blood clots and keeps the nerves fine. Consume it two to three times daily.

2. Arnica Mont 200 - 

Heart colic, especially pain up to the elbow of the left arm, needle-like prick in the heart, heart colic occurs due to exertion, then this medicine should be used.

3. Bryonia 30 -

Nervous cardiac colic, needle-like pain in the heart region, pain in the heart increases due to movement, breathing comes with difficulty i.e. shortness of breath, rapid and rapid breathing is required, then this medicine should be used.

4. Cactus Q - 

 Heart palpitations and palpitations, pain radiating to the left arm like a bullet, suffocation, cold sweating, heart feeling constricted all the time, then this medicine should be used.

5. Cimicifuga 30 - 

If the left arm feels numb, as if another is tied and there is a pain in the lower part of the breast, then this medicine should be used after one hour. After getting cured, this medicine should be used for a few days in the morning and evening.

 6. Crataegus Q-

Heart colic, the feeling of cold on the skin, the blue color of the fingers and toes, if the pain of the heart extends to the left shoulder joint, then this medicine should be taken thrice a day.

7. Cuprum met 30 -

This medicine should be used if heart colic, pulse rate slow and hard, pulse full, palpitations and pain accompanied by asthmatic symptoms and cramps in the stomach. This medicine should be taken thrice a day.

8. Dioscoriea villosa 200 - 

Heart colic and pain from the back of the sternum go up to the left hand, if there is a feeling of edema and gas, passing through the chest, then this medicine should be used.

9. Kalmia 30 - 

Such severe pain arises in the heart that the patient is unable to even breathe, pain like a bullet being fired above the heart up to the scapula, which spreads to the side, numbness in the hand, then this medicine should be used.

10. Naja T 30 -

Heart colic, the pain spreads to the neck joint and left shoulder and forehead and temples, also the fear of death remains high, and the patient becomes impatient, there is a feeling of burden on the heart and fear of death, then use this medicine. Should do.

11. Oxalic Acid 30 -

Heart colic, there is sharp and cutting pain in the left lung which appears suddenly stops till breathing, the pain spreads to left shoulder, disease increases on thinking. Then this medicine should be used.

12. Spongia 30, 200 -

Cardiac colic, as well as fainting, nervousness, symptoms of sweating, asphyxia, sudden loss of sleep after midnight, then rapid coughing, rapid breathing, sitting up, this medicine is used as needed. 


Dear Readers!  These homeopathic medicines for heart colic or angina pectoris work very fast and wonderfully cure the disease completely. Therefore, by consuming them properly, the patient gets rid of the disease.

 There are several precautions to be taken while taking homeopathic medicines; For example, by consuming raw garlic, raw onion, sour, chili-spices, or stimulating foods, the effect of medicines ends. Therefore, eat foods with care and moderation. Take precautions and follow the rules, then fasting is also necessary. Stay healthy; Thank you!

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