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All Benefits of Honey

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 The Honey: Introduction:-

Honey, the sticky and sweet syrup-like product collected by bees, is an important byproduct for beekeepers, and beekeeper farmers make even more profit by taking the hives to fields, where they use "bees" to pollinate crops. make use of". Therefore, bees are not only producers of honey but also pollinators of crops.
There may also be subtleties in the taste of honey produced by bees. There are different subspecies of bees, each with a specific form of honey. More importantly, the source of the pollen affects the taste of the honey obtained from it.

Typically, in the United States, we are most familiar with clover honey. Honey varieties are named for the flowers that provide wonderful edible honey. Blueberry, avocado, peach, buckwheat, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, elderberry, cranberry, rosemary, dandelion, chestnut, orange blossom, tupelo, and other florals.

 Two types of honey, pineapple, and durian are obtained only from honey bees that produce honey in the Southeast Asian country of Malaysia.

Some ancient foreign history in the context of honey:-

Country singer/songwriter Kathy Matia by 1987 "in Antasted Honey made his song entitled" and sang. Although she doesn't sing about the honey produced by some unseen hive of bees, the title of her song made me wonder how a jar of untasted " honey can tempt people to buy it, just after tasting it. One of the first is the thrill of being, a " Honey Gallivanter ", a wanderer who seeks the pleasure of the first taste. Maybe the title isn't on the same scale as "first astronaut," but don't overlook the risk. Bees also sting. So earlier it was difficult to extract honey but now it is not that difficult.

Unflavored honey is also present. Relics of honey dating back 3,000 years have been found in a jar kept in the tomb of King Tut of EgyptWhen it was put there, who would have risked biting their tongue to taste it? Honey is mentioned 61 times in the Bible. Web Search Exodus 3:8. Read. If you want context as to who was speaking with whom (Exodus 3:1-21). 

Moses wrote the book of Exodus. God was present with Moses and the Hebrews for 40 years as they wandered after their liberation from slavery, fulfilling their promise to Abraham to make the man's descendants a great nation that would live in the land of Canaan will reside.

Nature of honey:-

Honey is mild. As soon as it reaches the stomach, it gets digested and mixes in the blood, and immediately gives strength to the body. Honey when mixed with and consumed shows similar effects, that is, if taken with hot things, it shows hot effects and when taken with cold things shows cold effects. Sugar also comes out of honey, so seeing grains of sugar in honey should not immediately doubt its purity. There is an effect of country, time, and forest on honey, so there is a difference in its color and taste   

Method of consuming honey:-

 Honey can be mixed with milk, water, yogurt, cream, tea, toast, bread, fruit juice, lemon, or any other item. Honey should be consumed naturally in the rainy season with hot drinks in winter, with cold food in summer.

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Precautions in the consumption of honey:-

 Honey should never be heated on fire. The properties of honey are destroyed by mixing it in too hot cheese, so it should be mixed only in lukewarm milk and water.

 If any harm is seen from the consumption of honey, then the disease caused by the consumption of lemon is cured.

The greatest caution is required in the consumption of honey and that is that consuming honey in equal quantity with ghee, oil or other greasy substance becomes poison and can also lead to the death of a man. So be careful while consuming honey.

Disinfectant properties of honey:-

 Honey contains potassium which destroys the germs of disease. Diseases caused by germs like typhoid (typhoid fever), bronchopneumonia, etc. The germs of many diseases are destroyed by honey.

Minerals in honey:-

Iron in honey-

 Honey is rich in iron contentIf the skin is pale, dry, then it is due to a lack of iron in the blood. Therefore, after meals in the morning and evening, drink lemon juice mixed with honey. You can also drink milk mixed with honey.

Sugar in honey-

 Honey contains up to 50% glucose, up to 37% fructose, up to 2% sucrose, and the same amount of maltose, dextrins, gum, and aroma. 

Vitamin content in honey-

Honey contains vitamins A, B2, B6, and vitamin C.

Honey as a tonic-

Honey also contains essential minerals such as iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, sulfur, iodine, carotene, and antiseptic elements. 

Honey contains all the elements that are necessary to keep the human body strong. Honey is a tonic, a potent medicine. But how many people do not have the right information about its properties and they waste a lot of money throughout their life in the affair of many other energizing tonics. 

One tablespoon has 100 calories.

Honey is beneficial only when it is pure. Honey is used as a medium in the consumption of many other medicines.

How to identify pure honey-

. Put a few drops of honey in the water and if these drops remain in the water then the honey is real and if the drops of honey mix with the water then the honey is adulterated. 

 Make a cotton wick soaked in honey and burn it, and if the wick continues to burn, the honey is pure.

Catch a live fly and put it in the honey and press it by pouring honey on it, if the honey is pure, the fly will come out of the honey and fly away because pure honey does not stick to its wings. 

Putting honey on the paper does not make a mark at the bottom.

  A dog does not eat pure honey, it is the hallmark of the purity of honey.

Pure honey has aroma, perfect honey freezes in winter and melts in summer, this is the hallmark of pure honey.

Use of honey in lung diseases-

Lung diseases such as bronchitis, pneumonia, T. NS. Honey is beneficial in asthma etc. In Russia, honey is more used in lung diseases.

Honey HD image

Use of honey in  Asthma-

It is an old recipe to give two spoons of onion juice or one onion to the pulp and mix it with two spoons of honey to the mucous, weak person whose lungs are filled with mucus or phlegm and difficulty in breathing. Asthma and lung diseases are cured by consuming honey. Honey strengthens the lungs. 

Honey cures cough, dry throat, and nerve pain. Removes wheezing of the chest. Only honey can also be consumed. 

Use of honey in cough-

Boil a lemon in water, then take it out and squeeze it into a glass. Add one ounce of glycerin and three ounces of honey and stir. Taking one spoon every 4 times stops coughing.

Honey gives relief to cough. Licking 12 grams of honey thrice a day removes phlegm and cures cough.

Use of honey in blood disorders -

 Honey purifies the blood and makes new blood.

Pimples  - 

Make a paste by mixing flour and honey, apply it on a piece of cloth and apply it on the pimples. 

If there is any skin disease, then tying a bandage of honey provides relief. In skin diseases like herpes, scabies, boils, etc., mixing 40 grams of honey with 300 grams of water and drinking it for a few months in the morning is beneficial to purify the blood.

Use of honey in beauty- 

 Honey makes the skin soft. 

Use of honey to stop heel cracking-

Honey should be applied three to four times in the case of cracked heels, sores in the palate (itching in the feet due to rainwater, pimples), rotting of the skin of the fingers, loss of nails.

Use of honey in Erysipelas -

Old people say that after repeated application of pure honey or applying honey on clothes, it cures herpes. 

Use of honey when burning with fire-

Lightly applying honey on fire-burned organs reduces the burning sensation. Even if there is a wound, till it does not heal, then by applying honey, the burn wounds are cured. After healing, the white spots of the burn remain, applying honey on them and tying the bandage will remove the stains.

Treatment of Arthritis or Rheumatism-

 People suffering from arthritis or rheumatism should be fed honey for a long time, it is very beneficial. Joint pain is reduced.

 longevity -  

Honey helps provide strength and longevity to the body. Honey is the best food for old people. It saves from the troubles of old age.

To relieve constipation -

Honey is a natural mild agent. Drink 50 grams of honey mixed with freshwater or milk in the morning and before going to bed. Honey has a good effect on the stomach.

Remove tiredness -

 The use of honey gives strength, energy, and strength to the nerves. People working in the sea, who have to stay in water for a long time can get this power from honey. The biggest property of honey is to remove tiredness.

Sugar damages the digestive organs creates air in the stomach, but honey prevents the formation of air, increases mental and physical strength. After doing all the work, at night or whenever you feel tired, drink two spoons of honey after squeezing lemon juice in half a glass of warm water, all the tiredness will go away and you will get freshness again.

Use of honey in diabetes- 

In diabetes, if there is a strong desire to eat sweets, sugar can be avoided in urine, chronic kidney diseases can be avoided by consuming small amounts of honey instead of sugar

Use of honey in eye diseases-

 The use of honey has proved to be very beneficial to avoid terrible diseases like dark cataracts, night blindness, the blindness of the eyes. People can avoid this disease by putting one drop of honey in the eye every day and taking 5 grams.

Half-headache treatment-

 If the headache starts from sunrise, as soon as the sun starts setting, the headache stops, put a drop of honey in the other nostril from the side where the pain is coming, the pain will be relieved.  

 Sometimes there is sudden severe pain in half the head, the patient even vomits in pain, the pain stops after vomiting if this pain keeps on happening again and again, then taking two spoons of honey at the time of daily food causes pain. does not happen. Sometimes, even if there is pain, then taking two spoons of honey at the same time provides relief.

Use of honey for beauty-

 Applying a mixture of lemon, honey, gram flour, and sesame oil gives a natural glow to the skin and enhances beauty.

 Sore throat treatment-

Licking one spoon of honey thrice a day is beneficial if there is swelling in the throat. If the sound of the throat has settled, then gargling with a spoonful of honey in a cup of water will improve the sound.

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Crying in sleep - 

 If the child cries in sleep, then understand that he is dreaming due to indigestion, lick him, honey, for a few days, indigestion will go away, and crying in sleep will stop.

Use of honey in Tuberculosis or TB - 

25 grams of honey mixed with 100 grams of butter should be given.

Mixing one spoon of honey, two spoons of native ghee, taking it stops the decay of the body and increases strength.

Use of honey as a heart power booster -

Honey is the best among all the medicines in the world to give strength to the heart. Due to this, the heart becomes so powerful as a horse gets power by eating green barley.

Swelling of the heart muscles is removed by the use of honey. Where it gives strength to the diseased heart, it strengthens and strengthens the healthy heart. The use of honey prevents heart failure. 

When the patient is afraid of fainting due to the lack of glycogen in the blood, feeding honey can save the patient from fainting.

Honey generates energy and excitement within minutes and a weak and failing heart becomes strong. Due to cold or weakness, when the heart beats high, suffocation starts, then taking two spoons of honey gives new energy.

If there is any problem like weakness of the heart, sitting of the heart, etc., drink a spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water. Taking one spoon of honey daily makes the heart strong. 

Stomach ache treatment -

 If there is stomach pain due to eating something, as often stomach pain patients tell when asked that stomach pain increases by eating and drinking, then consuming honey for a few days is beneficial.

Use of honey for the nervous system-

Honey removes the weakness of the nervous system. 

Use of honey to join bones quickly when the bone breaks-

If the bone is broken, consuming honey regularly helps in joining the bone.

Use of honey to cure insomnia-

If you do not sleep due to the worries and exhaustion of your business, then drinking lemon juice mixed with two spoons of honey at night brings sleep. After waking up, drinking two spoons again brings sleep. If there is no lemon, then drinking a spoonful of honey in a glass of water makes you sleepy. Honey has a sedative effect on the body, so sleep is good.

Use of honey in high blood pressure -

 In case of high blood pressure or high blood pressure, honey has a sedative effect on the body and reduces the blood pressure by reducing the stimulation of the blood vessels.

 Honey for Players-

Honey is the best food for all types of sportspersons to give strength, energize and remove fatigue. Players should take 20 grams of honey instead of sugar.

Use of honey to reduce obesity -

 To reduce obesity, drink honey mixed with warm water in the morning.

Use of honey to increase obesity-

To increase obesity, drink honey mixed with milk daily. This also increases the power.

Use of honey in pregnancy-

Honey contains protein. By consuming protein during pregnancy, the paternal qualities go well in the child. Honey contains certain hormones that maintain the youth and complexion of a pregnant woman. 

There is blood loss in pregnancy. During this time, honey is consumed more in things that increase blood. If pregnant women drink two spoons of honey regularly, there is no shortage of blood, strength comes, and beautiful, fat, fresh, and strong mental power is born.

Feeding pregnant women with honey mixed with milk from the beginning or from the last three months make the child healthy and attractive.

Use of honey to increase male power-

Drinking honey mixed with milk increases strength and semen in the body. Honey is beneficial. Semen defects such as lack of sperms are removed by the consumption of honey.

Bed urinate treatment-

  Some children urinate in bed at night. It is a disease. By taking honey for a few days while sleeping, the disease of passing urine in children is cured.

Treatment of Cramps -

 If the patient bends his eyelids repeatedly, tremors occur in any part of his body, then the spasms of the limbs are removed by the consumption of honey.

Use of honey in typhoid and pneumonia-

 In these diseases, the digestive organs and respiratory organs become incapable of functioning properly. Enteric fever or enteric fever is cured in a few days by adding honey in a glass of boiled water and giving hot to the patient, and the patient does not become weak. The typhoid patient should not be given more solid food until the typhoid is cured

Treatment of Paralysis - 

In case of paralysis, calcium should be given more in the body. Adding two spoons of honey in one ounce of boiling water, giving it to the patient after cooling down, gives a sufficient amount of calcium. In this way, by giving honey for three weeks, the paralyzed organs start functioning.

Use of honey for the treatment of jaundice-

Jaundice is cured by taking one spoon of honey mixed with a glass of water three times a day. In anemia or anemia, drink honey mixed with water or milk thrice a day.

Treatment of worms in the stomach-

 If there are worms or worms in the stomach, then taking honey in the morning and evening removes the worms. 

 Licking by mixing two parts curd, one part honey kills stomach worms and comes out with stool.

Treatment for the problem of teething in children 

 Rubbing honey on the gums of children who have teeth erupts without teeth. The constipation of children is also cured by giving honey. 

Treatment of colds and influenza-

Taking 30 grams of honey, two spoons of ginger juice mixed with some warm water in cold and influenza, it cures cold.

Mix two spoons of honey, 200 grams of milk, half a teaspoon of sweet soda, and drink it in the morning and evening. This will cause a lot of sweating, do not allow air to perspire, it will cure a cold. 

In the case of flu, consumption of honey destroys germs, fever and headache also subside. 

Conclusion: -

As you know that adding honey to your diet naturally makes your body healthy. You must read it to know. Thanks for reading this article.

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