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Acne: Causes, treatment, and tips, Top Best Homeopathic medicine

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Facial Acne - Introduction to Pimples -

This disease is often called 'acne' or 'pimples' or 'puberty pudica'. 

Acne is a disease often appearing in the form of pimples on the face of young men and women, which occurs in people from about 12 years of age to 24 to 25 years of age.


Symptoms of pimples or acne - 

1. Acne-pimples usually emerge in the form of red-reddish or brownish-brown pimples on the face, but sometimes on the face as well as on the neck, shoulders, and back.

2. The size of these pimples can be small or big and distant or in a herd.

3. Their upper part can be simply pointed or more pointed or spread like cauliflower.

4. Pimples - Pimples are painful in most cases but are chronic and painless in some people.

5. Often new pimples ripen after a day or two and there is pus in them and more pain also starts, when the pus dries up, when it is pressed, dry pus-like fat comes out like a nail and that pimples In its place a hole is formed.

6. Pimples break out even after ripening, new ones keep coming out and also leave stains on the face.

7. Many people get acne in such a large number that the whole face is covered with pimples.

8. The spots on the face due to acne get cleared after one or two years on their own. 

9. Pimples do not come out on the eyelids.

Cause of the pimples:- 

The main reason for the appearance of acne is blood disorders and hormonal imbalance, but they are not so easily corrected. The major causes of blood disorders and hormonal imbalance are given below -

1. Bringing to mind the tendencies of adultery while attaining an incontinent life or puberty.

2. Unbalanced food becomes the cause of constipation and urinating and the skin becomes unnecessarily oily, as a result of which the oily glands of the very sensitive face increase and appear in the form of pimples.

3. Young men and women who are busier and do not pay special attention to their daily routine or stop sweating, urination, sweating for some time, then they suffer from acne.

4. The habit of masturbation in young people, which disturbs the balance of hormones and becomes the cause of constipation and weakness, so that to overcome the weakness generated in the body, the intestines located in the stomach also remove the juices from the stool leftover from the absorbed food. They start pulling and the blood gets contaminated, which is the reason for the occurrence of pimples.

5. The main cause of acne in girls or girls is constipation, urgency, irregular food, irregular menstruation or disturbance of the menstrual cycle, and imbalance of hormones secreted by the ovaries.

6. In puberty, excessive consumption of butter, ghee, tea, coffee, meat, alcohol, eggs, cigarettes, intoxicants, sugar, sour, spices causes acne.

Acne treatment:- 

Many people use snow, chemical creams, facial washes, salicylic acid, powders, and more intense dermatological creams and antibiotics to cure acne, which initially relieves and later aggravates the acne and the condition becomes severe.

Therefore, its treatment should be naturally done with care.

Pimples - home remedies for acne:- 

1. First of all, remove the reasons mentioned above (constipation and incontinence).

2. Eat light, digestible, simple, and less greasy foods.

3. Eat green greens - vegetables or vegetables in the food.

4. Eat sour-sweet fruits.

5. Wash your mouth on an empty stomach in the morning and drink clean fresh water.

6. Keep fasting for one day a week.   

7. Give steam of hot water to the face for 10-15 minutes then wash the face with clean cold water.

8. Run 2 km in the open air every morning and take incense in the morning. 

9. Rub raw milk on the face at night, then wash it in the morning.

10. Grind orange peel in clean water and rub it on the face twice a day.

11. After the bath, rub only a little jasmine oil on the face.

12. Grind sandalwood and a little turmeric in milk, rub it on the face and apply it for some time.

13. Mix radish juice in curd and apply it to the face.

Lemon is the cure for your acne:- 

1. Grate or grind the inner bark of lemon stems in clean light hot water and apply it on the face for some time.

2. Grind three spoons of lemon juice, half a spoon of mustard seeds, one spoon of lentils, and apply it to the face.

3. Take an enema by mixing lemon juice in hot water regularly.

4. Drink a lemon squeezed in fresh, clean light warm water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Acne (pimples) - Homeopathic treatment of acne:-

1. Sulphur 200- Nail-acne patients should take 10 tablets of this medicine once a week on an empty stomach in the morning.

2. Thyroidinum 1M - Nail - Acne patients, whether it is a girl or a boy, take 10 tablets of this medicine once a week in the morning on an empty stomach to make the balance of hormones.

3. Nux vomica 200- If boys are suffering from acne, then taking 5 tablets of this medicine one hour before going to bed every night, acne is cured very soon.

4. Carbo veg 30,200- Usually the initial patients with acne or new pimples are cured by taking two doses of this medicine daily.

5. Carbo animalish 30 - Small, red-reddish pimples are cured by taking two doses of this medicine daily.

6. Acid Phos 200- Acne of weak, thin boys is cured by taking two doses of this medicine daily.

7. Belladonna 200 - Painful red-reddish acnes of healthy boys and girls are cured by taking three doses of this medicine regularly. 

8. Arnica M 200- Painful small pimples in boys and girls are cured by taking three doses of this medicine regularly.

9. Kali brome 30,200,1M - Chronic acne is cured by taking two doses of this medicine daily.

10. Pulsatilla 200,1M - Pimples caused by menstrual disturbances in girls are cured by taking three doses of this medicine daily.

11. Dulcamara 30,200- The tendency of girls to have acne before each menstrual period is cured by taking three doses of this medicine daily. 

12. Hydrocotyle A 200 - Pimples caused by uterine disturbances in women are cured by taking two doses of this medicine daily.

13. Natrum mur 1M - Pimples of people who eat more salt are cured by taking this medicine twice a week.

14. Calcarea Phos 6X,12X - All types of acne are cured by taking three doses of 5 tablets of this medicine daily with warm water. 

15. Calcarea sulph 12X- All types of pus containing pimples are cured by taking 5 tablets of this medicine in three daily doses with warm water.

16. Hair sulph 200,1M- Pimples filled with pus, which the patient does not allow to touch due to pain, are cured by taking three doses of this medicine daily.

17. Silicea 200,1M - Pimples filled with pus, which give pain on pressing, are cured by taking three doses of this medicine regularly.

18. Get treatment from a learned homeopath doctor.

cream for acne

Best cream for acne:- 

Homeopathic Cream -   Aquae plus cream

Allopathic Cream -          Eskamel cream

Conclusion -

Dear friends, brothers, and sisters! In our opinion, it would be better if you do not use any chemical-containing medicine on pimples. It is better if acne is treated with food medicines. 

We have our own empirical research done on many patients at our hospital, who were cured very soon by using the above medicines according to their symptoms. 

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