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Causes and treatment of infertility in women

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 Infertility problem in women:-

Infertility is a very painful disease in many women.
Infertility problem in women

It is every woman's dream to become a mother and experience those 9 months of pregnancy and weave dreams for the baby every day. Also, becoming a mother is considered the greatest joy of a woman's life, but infertility tends to shatter this dream.  Not only one or two women, but a large section of the women's society is also facing this serious problem. Because of which it becomes very difficult to become a mother's dream.

For a couple, it is the greatest happiness in the world to have a happy family. But many couples are deprived of this happiness due to infertility. Infertility can be defined as the problem of not having children. Also, it refers to a condition in which a woman is unable to conceive.

Female infertility can be understood as the inability to conceive or a problem where a woman is unable to become pregnant even after a year or more of regular unprotected intercourse. This problem can occur in two situations. First, it can happen after marriage, and second, some women may find it difficult to conceive a second time after having a child. 

So, thus it can be said that infertility can be of two types. In this article, we are going to explore the causes of female infertility.

By knowing the early causes of female infertility, you can get rid of this serious problem quickly. It is believed that the sooner the treatment, the greater the relief.

It can occur in both men and women but the problem of not having children is often considered to be female infertility. To a large extent, infertility in men can be the reason for not getting pregnant.

Causes of infertility in women:-

 There is no single cause of infertility but it is said that diseases related to menstruating women and pain during sex can lead to infertility. The main reasons for this are as follows -

 1. Periods Problem:- 

When a woman has problems with irregular periods, painful periods, and lack of periods or not having periods, she may have a problem of female infertility. Some women do not have periods on time, while some women have a lot of pain during periods. Both conditions can indicate an increased risk of infertility.

2.  Bleeding from Uterus:-

Apart from periods, light bleeding from the uterus can also be a cause of sterility. This type of bleeding is known as fibroid which is a type of tumor and occurs due to too much tissue build-up in the muscles. A woman can conceive without suffering from this problem but the chances of miscarriage may increase due to this tumor. In most cases, it is controlled through surgery.

3. Pain During Sex:-

There should be no pain during sex, but if a woman feels pain during intercourse, then it is a matter to think about. In this situation, consult a specialist immediately and do not avoid it otherwise it can result in endometriosis.

4. Depression or Insomnia:-

In endometriosis, you may experience symptoms of insomnia during your period cycle and it is also possible that you may go through depression. Analyze these symptoms and find out if it is related to sterility, if yes then you can see your doctor immediately.

5. Sex Hormone Disorders:- 

When the level of testosterone in the body increases, it can also result in the growth of hair on the face, especially on the upper lip, chin, chest, and abdomen area. The problem of thinning hair on the head can also be seen in this. Keep in mind that all these symptoms are due to a sex hormone disorder ie testosterone and progesterone.

6. Overweight:- 

No woman can see herself as being overweight but weight imbalance can come due to many reasons. However, if the weight is not reduced even after changing the diet and doing regular exercise, then it can be female infertility.

7. Decreased Sex Desire:-

Sterility is not directly related to lack of mind during sex, but there is a connection between the two. Decreased desire for sex, depression, depression causes stress, pain during sex due to endometriosis, if all these happen then they can cause female infertility.

Infertility therapy or treatment:-

1. The reason for not having children is in both men and women. In men, impotence and lack of sperm in semen are the root causes of not producing a child.

2. To overcome these shortcomings, both men and women must fast for some time or at least initially for 7 days, even after thisfasting should be done four times a month.

Very happy family
3. Seasonal fruits, green vegetables should be eaten during fasting days. 

4. Constipation should not remain at all. 

5.  After fasting, do not have sex for at least 6 months, keep complete abstinence. During this period, keep in mind the things mentioned in this post. Consume more and more fruits and vegetables in the diet. 

 6. With this moderation and planned diet, the prostate gland, and other reproductive organs will get rest and with this rest, the sex power will increase, the sperm count will become normal.

7. Many men have become fathers by practicing restraint, this is a proven fact.

8. Infertility is also considered a divine disease.  Therefore, get information from a person who knows divine things or from a Mahatma or a sage whether any divine calamity is causing infertility in my body. If there is a disease of infertility due to divine reason, then for this some religious rituals should be done with reverence.

My dear friends, brothers, and sisters! I have told you the detailed information about infertility, its causes, and treatment. I am sure that this information will prove to be very beneficial for you.

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