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Benefit and disadvantages ( side effects ) of drinking tea, coffee

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 Is drinking too much tea or coffee harmful to your health?

Caffeine is a favorite beverage of most people which is found in tea and coffee and most people like to start their day with a cup of tea or coffee.

Benefits tea

Hot drinks are also beneficial for us when we are feeling sleepy or tired.

Caffeine can actually be good for you in moderation.

 Drinking a few cups of tea or coffee a day can activate your central nervous system and improve your memory and concentration.

Disadvantages of tea:-

But if you drink more than four cups of coffee in a day, it can lead to problems like anxiety, agitation, restlessness.

Such as insomnia, increased blood pressure, digestive disorders, and drowsiness among other things.

Drinking tea on an empty stomach causes disturbances in the digestive system, and when your digestive system itself becomes weak, then you will surely fall prey to many diseases.
 Therefore, you should not consume tea, coffee, etc. in excess.

. In most families, children are also given tea in the morning, due to which the weakness of the immune system, irritability, and digestive system disorders arise in children from a young age.

Therefore, children should not be given tea on an empty stomach.

According to the opinion of many experts, other beneficial drinks for the same benefits as tea and coffee are some options for you which are given below----------

1. Ayurvedic Tea (Golden Milk)  -

Ayurvedic tea is a blend of invigorating spices like ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper. Other ingredients such as vanilla and honey can add molasses or added sugars for better taste and health. They are known for their many health benefits and are often used to strengthen the immune system and cure difficult diseases.

2. Mint Tea -

It is often drunk for its taste, aroma, and its many health benefits.
 Studies have shown that its consumption may be helpful in improving exercise performance and more brain oxygen uptake in people.
It is also a favorite option for most people because mint is very easy to grow.

3. Lemonade -

Lemonade is always a great option to start your day.
An adult obese and hypertensive person should squeeze a lemon in 250 g of lukewarm water and drink it in the morning, by doing this, high blood pressure comes to its normal level within a month and obesity also decreases.
 Adequate amounts of vitamin C help your immune system and protect your skin from sun damage. It is also essential for making collagen, a protein that provides the basic structure for your skin, tendons, and ligaments.


Patients with low blood pressure or stones (gall or kidney stones) should take lemon in small quantities.

4. Ginger Tea -

It is also very much liked by many people. Ginger tea helps to increase blood circulation, reduce motion sickness, cough, fever, cold, and stress.

Caution -

Patients with bleeding should not consume ginger.

5. Chamomile Tea -

Chamomile tea can help people relax, de-stress and improve sleep. Its potential benefits include reducing the severity of menstrual cramps, treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar, reducing inflammation, and helping with sleep and relaxation.

6. Kombucha -

Kombucha is a fermented and healthy tea drink. It contains antioxidants that can kill harmful bacteria, is rich in beneficial probiotics, and has many benefits. Made from black tea fermented with bacteria, yeast, and sugar, kombucha is one of the perfect ways to start your morning but you must eat some fortified food before consuming it.

Epilogue -

I am sure you must have understood that tea, coffee should be drunk according to your body, nature, and condition.

Answers to some important questions  [ FAQ ]  -

1.   Is drinking tea and coffee beneficial for 6-year-olds?

Ans -  It is not beneficial in any way to give tea and coffee to small children, but if they drink tea or coffee on an empty stomach, then their digestion will definitely get spoiled.

2.  What happens when you drink tea or coffee?

Ans -  By drinking tea or coffee, the nervous system of the body gets stimulated for some time, and sleep, fatigue, lethargy go away for some time.

3.  Which chemical substance is in tea?

Ans -  Tannins.

4.  Which chemical substance is in coffee?

Ans -  Caffeine

5.  Should you drink tea or not on a very hungry stomach?

Ans -  One should not drink tea or on a very hungry stomach, but should drink after eating something.

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